In My Parallel Universe 🌌

As a coin always have two sides. The coin called life has the same to offer “REALITY and FICTION”, seems as “DEVIL and ANGEL”. One bieng gloomy bleak and other buoyantly fancy.

In this rat race of bieng supreme we follow the gloomy path, lack behind important things viz IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY.

To escape this drama of supremacy, every individual has thier own ways and I too have…….

After all that rat race, and lots of thunderstorms getting reality checks in rows. I personally need…… I NEED STORIES. “A FICTIONAL STORY, MEANING LESS, STUPID STORY.”

I suppose everyone loves when, they see good things and get lots of appreciation in life. I too love the good part more than bleak nightmares.

Hereby I conclude, my love for stories. I can’t live without you all. No matter what protagonist wants, their fantasy fantasise me in many ways. I feel bieng in that world along with them,suffering through, sinking and sailing in the ocean of adventures.

Biggest Questions of all,

Why the fiction and stories are better?

In that other world, imagination is all you have. Your horse can fly, have rainbow hairs or a horn. Your cycle can be a BMW or Mercedes. The love of life can become yours forever. Twists and turns are their in each story viz in fictional and magical. The villians and wamps fails the stars but, the ending line is same always. NO MATTER WHAT, REMEMBER NO MATTER WHAT.

HAPPILY EVER AFTER. It always ends with these beautiful words.

In my parallel universe 🌌 you are my happily ever after, my biggest fantasy and my forever. What if in reality you are someone else’s happily ever after but the parallel universe is mine. I am the Queen 👑


Infatuation perishes, Love doesn’t.

No love dies. It grows stronger with time because if it dies than it wasn’t even love. Infactuation, dies with time and passes away with phases of ages. Love stays in forever, like the flower of Rose in a old book. The colour of leaf fades but the aroma of that old rose is still the same. Just as the first days of blossom.

Voh mehak, voh Khushboo

Aaj bhi hai,

Voh mehak, voh khushboo

Aaj bhi hai

Bus pehle guldaan m thi

Aaj purani band kithab main hai…

Voh talab, voh mohobbat

Aaj b hai,

Voh talab, voh mohobbat

Aaj b hai,

Bus pehle sareaam thi

Aaj band khayalo mai h……

Vampire’s lullaby

Dive in dive in
If you survive
Come out of your hive
And give me five
Fall in lust
Fall in love
Dive in dive in
If you survive the love with lust
Deep intensity
With voice full of density
Craves me to rhyme
With or without hymn
Is it lust or is it love
I don’t care
I crave for it the more i hear
I can’t bear a moment
Dive in dive in
If you survive the carving
You fall deeper and steeper
To the ground
And bound in deep sleep
Followed by no grief and deprive
Dive in dive in
To the land of nod
To the land of nod…

As you were diving into lust, I dived into sleep. No, not because you turn me off. No, not because you aren’t attractive anymore. No, not because you always want to kiss. No, not because you always want to come upon. No, not because you smell bad. No not because your eyes are weary through those big spectacles you wore every day to tease me up. No, not because i have became a less lusty. No, not because u sleep early. No, not because estrogens have left the building. No, not because of less winds. No, not because we bieng so apart. No, not because of any above reasons.

I fell asleep hearing something soothing, deep and intense. Once again changes or no changes its your voice. Fights after fights things have changed. You speak too often i speak too less. You go on rambling i go straight forward. You foreplay i dont play. You make donuts, i make cup cakes. You eatour rather i choose to workout. You chose to be wide awake rather i chose to sleep. But always we grew stronger. This time we lost finally. No not really, “its just a thought.”

I thought your voice would never cast any spells any bewitchment on me. But as always it did. Soaked me into comfy bucket of pixie dust to drift me into land of nod.

Everbody knows that vampire’s don’t sleep but your voice made me sleep, once again.

Happy birthday bae 

Cheers to the person,  whom I lost my initial to every matches of ludos and carrom. To whom any girl would fall in love with and afterwards hate herself for doing that. Because lion’s can’t be tamed dear. And she may be wasn’t aware of that fact. To the person whose, still a mumma’s boy and Nani ka babla. To whom I share, it’s not that I can’t handle my affairs but it’s that he knows better ways of nagging people down. I seriously miss all those days, not having you here every summers is peaceful (duh… Just kidding) and I am completely jealous of you, no not because you have a life style but because you have a mom like my Bua. Haha 😂 

Long ago I kinda hated you but, in the spin of wheel you became one of the best men in my life. From being the toruble maker to trouble solver, he grew up. 
Thoughts apart here’s a short poem for you just you……

 Long ago may be a decade

I was afraid 

Of the summers 

He was a drummer 

Of my good days 

In many ways 

Who played with my toys 

And always annoys 

Lost all matches 

And he never catches 

But with the spin of time 

He became my favorite Rhyme

Happy birthday 🎂

Because you look best in this and I want some girls to regret it later 😉😂😘

In the lanes of U. S. A

She added, suddenly, ‘But before you hang up, you have to say one good thing.’ One good thing? Now where on earth would I find one good thing to say? But I’d watched a movie the day before and, thanking god, I repeated a line from it. ‘Bismil ka sandesh hai ki kal Lahore jaane wali gaadi hum Kakori pe lootenge, aur un paison se hathiyar kharidenge.’”

 It was not because of the book and prior lines. The thought behind my “SAY SOMETHING GOOD” to you was just to submerse back few words from you after a long conversation. Just to remember the last words of yours. I wish you could understand my feelings, how it is feels to not hear from you even after having you,  cross my mind every now and then. Able to see you but, unable to touch you, feel you, and may be kiss you. 

I am no nagging girlfriend who wants to nag you down all the time, because you are busy. Or because you are hanging out with friends and family. I am someone who just want to hear you. 

I stopped calling you saying you to ‘say something good’ not because you wanted it to be like that but, because I don’t want to nag you. I may be not the person to whom  you gonna propose to, or would make love to, or share your dreams to, or live your dreams with, or the person you would share your biryani with, or may be kiss on forehead after a nightmare, bad day,  or to be taken care of on the hardships of mood swings (that I wouldn’t be having anymore), or the person with whom you make child with, or take care of in old age. May be I am not that love. 

But I am the person who wants you to smile forever with or without me, the deepest dig in your cheeks. Who loves your aroma even, if you haven’t taken bath after the gym. Who loves to see your cuts and curves and, even the swollen belly. Who loves you, no matter how much fat you are, or dark you are. Who would love you, even after so many hidden years, if sees you, at 60 when your face would be wrinkly. But, your smile would still fascinate me. 

You can always find the love in my eyes for you, whenever you want. I will be waiting for you on the downtown’s late, busy, dark street where destiny has planned to bump you into me. 

Not because I want to make love after. But to see you in those tuxedo’s walking around, having a newspaper in one hand and a latte in other and having a Bluetooth in your ears, busy in dealing with your client. So much busy that you don’t even notice me, and we fell right after few nano seconds. Then you would look up to see who the idiot girl is. I want to be that idiot single girl. Who is having a super fabulous car but still walks on the roads just so that one day, may be one day her honey would bump into. 

The Unexpected!! 

Never ever thought that i will be naked in front of you (now don’t u dare to think that in real,  I m just making the call interesting ) by soul. Who would have thought that random click on accept button would make such a great influence on my life .There was mischievous in some replies,frankness in some,politeness in some,acceptance in some and the most imp genuine standards in all. Which i found something very unique ‘the aticates’(i don’t know the spelling but i know to show some) ,never ever thought that expect from my mother some any other woman would have that magic spell. That could turn anybody into a genuine and pure soul. But i believed later on because i talked to one. Each passing day turned into surprising one .That was not different from any new story but this story was. Bcoz in some stories things change after you get naked by soul. This wasn’t going to be negative. Touchwood to that(i always say that coz i never want to lead it to negative) .Meets – everyone would be nervous on first times but i wasn’t. Then there is first time for everything i got too got nervous, for the first time on the third meet ever. That was the day wen the unexpected happened. Things got into another level .It was my official celebration of being at new place. My very own soul got attracted to someone .That touch of my tiny soft fingers on his back while bike bounced on speedbrakers. That gave him tiny heart attacks But as a girl would react ,i reacted. Somewhere inside a bit nervous. After some bumps and tiny-mini softs ,we reached to a really quiet and steady place. To break the ice,he offered me place next to him but as he is tall i was not able to reach in. And as no gentleman can afford to let a girl stand while he’s occupying the space .He also couldn’t resist to grab me from my waist and let me occupy some near him. The touch felt like for a first time my every cell was dancing to the fullest. Next to his lap my laps .Softness beyond compare. Then he started to point some weird things and try to pull out some big guns of punishment but that ain’t gonna work. That was because he hadn’t fulfilled mine. I rambled for sometime……………………………..Tick to. Tick. He was glaring continuously into my eyes, suddenly I don’t know what ran into me .My lips ran to some softness and touched honey to make them self drenched with love. And as we have all studied in 10 stds’ Physics ‘law of I don’t know exact what but I remember the law “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.Action done, now it was the time of reaction. Here it came with more affection and softness. My cheeks felt as soft as my every cell as they got them spaed. This is not the whole, the  unexpected was yet to happen….. In my case everything which was expected didn’t full filled. And the unexpected dragged me in beautifully .I would have thought wen i first time met you or the second time i laughed with you .One day i would feel that amazing because of something .Destiny never shows every card .The marvellous was about to thrown at me. That happened……numbness ran into my veins. Eye lashes flattered and kissed each other’s.My every pores could feel his breath over,near my lips.I don’t remember who intiated.But someone did.Lips adjusted themselves so perfectly and got involved into each other to make it wonderful tongue did also played role.Teeths felt ignored so for suvenior they also took part and gave him a love bite.Its was the ‘unexpected’.
Its not that it haven’t happened with anyone before. This time it was different .Before my soul didn’t felt the same nakedness from some side that could be rapped with emotions and infinities of comforts. It was this time “First kiss”. 💜💜

Fast doesn’t last. 

I don’t like things that go fast, 

Because they don’t last. 

Roll and roll 

And they make no goal. 

After a while, 

They loose the soul. 

When time moves, 

The Scars gets remove

And feelings improve .

Revealing the past 

Magic spells a cast. 

But I don’t like things that go fast,

Because they don’t last. 

I like things that go slow 

Because they make people’s mind blow. 

Whenever you feel low 

Just row and row 

But don’t be the hoe

Of the situation. 


The things that go fast 

Doesn’t last, doesn’t last. 

My heaven 🐶

My home was filled 

With the barks killed 

Made me thrilled 

I miss you 

I wanna kiss you 

I felt bliss 

When you wagged 

It dragged 

Us to the ground 

And made a bond


To which I thought 

I did bought 

A heaven 

With whom I played till eleven

Brownie I named, 

Destiny played a game

And I lost the perfect frame. 

I miss you….  

Honey, will you make me your sweetness?? 

I want to write books about you, verses about your smile and you laugh, poems about your insanity that makes me sane. I want to write about you, your coffee colored eyes, your quirks and perks. But my heart, it’s always at a loss of words. Writer they say, what a shame, and the lover inside me laughs.

I want to wake up each day with a little amnesia feeding on my mind, fear of the unknown chipping away my soul. I want to wake up each day, meet you all over again and realize this is what is love. I want to see the person behind the lens, live in

each of his flash, be the detail you want to zoom and capture forever. I want to be his picture, his picture where he is you.
I want to laugh again, oddly at mid nights, and dance in the moonlight as your hands shield me from the breeze. I want to swing on the lyrics with you, the tune of the wind, the beats of your heart and the words of my soul. I want to be a song, the one you hum all along. I want to be your song.
I want to be your lies, the one that ease you into sleep, the denial that seeps into your body slowly making the pain turn to oblivion. I want to be the voice of the devil in your ears, angels that just hurt us further. I want to be the arms of darkness, the

darkest of shadows that will ever stick by. I want to be the sorrow that hit you the most, because what makes you the happiest, hurts you the most.
I want to be the wind you enjoy, not the oxygen you breathe. I don’t want to be your need, but the absence of what suffocates you. Oxygen, anyone can be, make me the reason for your comfort. The air around you that makes you feel alive, the one

which makes you close your eyes and think about what ecstasy life is, I want to be that breeze.
I want to be your toffee. The candy that melts into joy, the sensation hard to forget. I want to be the craving that never dies. I want to be your favorite flavor and, of course, its

unquenched thirst. I am your candy, and you, you are the kid who longs for me. The kid with eyes longing for me. Make me your sweetness, honey, will you?
I want to sit in all day, wrapped in your arms listening to the constant heartbeat of yours. I want to be held close enough, close enough so that our souls merge into one. Tied in your spell, held by your charm, I want to breathe your scent each second, all over again. I want to get lost into waters of you, your eyes and your smile and fall asleep to the sight of a smile painted on your lips. I want to smile like a child and wake up in

your arms the next morning.
I want to be your ink, the one scribbling so smoothly on empty pages, the ink that paints out your pain, frustration and joy. I want to be your comma, your full stop, the words that you write. I want to be your character, the one you make with all your imagination. I want to be your villain with a little good hidden deep in my heart, I want to be the criminal who committed the crime of loving a little too much. I want to be your main lead, remember all your words by heart. I want to be the story you make, the tangled web of plot that you draft.
I want to be a story, your story. I want to be the best seller you are proud of, the success that you have hard earned. I want to be your incentive, your motivation to wake up on

rough mornings when sleep betrayed you the night before. 
You know, the dreams you have which make you realize that life isn’t that bad too? I want to be that dream, the smile that haunts you when you go to sleep, like a sweet taste in your mouth. I want to be the reason you feel strong and bold, the one thing you want to protect from the world. I want to be the mind and soul where you leave your mark after the doom, the temporary promise as the world says, but the constant preserved in your heart.
I want to paint you, sketch along each and every detail of your being. I want to be the colors of your heart. I want to give you the gift of immortality as a piece of art. I want to shade you, shade you from the evil of this world, the demons that are not me. I want to own and possess every detail, every nook and corner of you.
I need your insanity, your voice to ring in my ears, your image to dance in my mind. I need your hands to hold mine, your lips to kiss them, your eyes to communicate with mine, I need your grip to hold me in place when I stumble as I walk, your forehead

etched with worry as my eyes shut when I go dizzy. I need your scent to diffuse into me permanently so that it never evaporates.

You see it yet? I want and I need you to stay, stay right here as I coax you with my words. With you, I want all the clichéd part. I want to read books with my head resting on your shoulder under the night lamp, I want to sit on the counter as you cook our Friday night dinner. I want to be free, feel free but want to be caged in your heart, to go out and drink without worrying about life. I want to call you and break down, melt into a puddle

of emotions and sorrow as life turns hard. I want to sit by and watch your favorite television show as you make coffee for me on a cold winter day. I want to be like your like childhood dream come true, the dream you dreamt when you saw cartoons love their girls so much. I want you to be your favorite cartoon and me, me his love interest. Let me be the one who takes you into the world of your anime?
I need perfection, I dwell on it to live. But with you, perfect seems a sensation too less. With you, I don’t want perfect, I want natural. I want mistakes, I want to be one among them. I need the regret. I want to make you my decision that I know I won’t ever regret. I want to regret not taking it sooner, but you?I want you. I want to lose myself, my first kiss, my first fight, my first everything, damn. The first that I will never regret.
I think, I want the pain too. The one that silently sets in after every fight, the one that makes you want to give up every now and then. I want the pain, the tears and the making up. I want the broken sentences written by our broken hearts, our tainted

hearts. I want it to end, end it for a while till realization dawn. But then, we will both suddenly realize that the pain is not worth it, but you are worth me.
I want you. I need you. Will you make me your sweetness honey??

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